[THIN] Re: Hybrid question?

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  • Date: Fri, 28 Oct 2005 11:01:41 -0400

And why not use other options than Citrix?
If all he needs is to publish a single application, Citrix may be way
overkill for that.
For 'published desktops' there is not much difference between Citrix and
plain TS.
He does not mention how many servers he will have but given the amount of
users, should not be many so you can load balance RDP with other products as
Just my $0.02 here. 
Cláudio Rodrigues
Microsoft MVP
Windows Server - Terminal Services


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Why not use Citrix to do both?
Publish the desktop via Citrix and run the custom app within the desktop or
not, the choice is yours. There is academic pricing too if you are a
You don't have to invest in new clients, you can use any old desktop as a
thin client.
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Subject: [THIN] Hybrid question?

Thin Gurus,


We want to move an application from being installed on all client machines
to a Citrix server.  This really is not a problem.  


Since we were looking to invest into Citrix, I decided it would be a good
idea to move toward using thin clients from Wyse.  


Well, it looks like the high initial cost of Citrix is keeping us from
converting to the Holy Grail of thin computing.


Here is the question??.


Is there a way we can use Citrix to deploy our custom application to the
entire organization and use Microsoft Terminal services to deploy desktops
to thin clients at the same time on the same set of servers?


We know at any given time there are at most 60 users using the app that
would be on Citrix.  When I was gathering prices, I had my Citrix licenses
needed at 250 to be able to handle not only this app but also MS office and


Any thoughts on this hybrid option would be very helpful.



Thank you in advance,

Keith Sirmons

Keith Sirmons
Microcomputer/LAN Administrator
College of Veterinary Medicine

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