[THIN] How to configure some specific keyword values of the resolver for a Windows Terminal Server ..??

  • From: Christophe MORVAN <christophe.morvan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 03 Mar 2003 11:06:46 +0100

Hi all

On a UNIX Workstation, the file who help you to configure your resolver
for DNS queries
is "resolv.conf". This file contains a list of keyword-value pairs that
provide various types
of resolver information like :

     nameserver address (where address is the IP address of the DNS

     domain name (where name specifies a local domain for use as a
default domain)
     search searchlist ... (where searchlist a search list of domains
for host-name lookup)

All these parameters can be specified easily also in Windows Terminal
Server using the
panel DNS of the Network configuration Tool.

With BIND 8.2.3 you can specifie some specific parameters like "option
ndots timeout". I
would like to define this keyword for a Windows Terminal Server but
can't find the way
to do it. This parameter cannot be added using the GUI Network tool.

So my question is :

Is there a specific Registry key to define theses options ? If the
answer is Yes, what is
the key and the syntax of this key ?

I have tested these options on a UNIX workstation and it works.. Option
ndots:x lets you
define a floor threshold for the number of dots which must appear in a
name given to
resolve before an initial absolute query is performed.

Thanks for your help

Best regards
Christophe MORVAN

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