[THIN] Re: How to Restrict Access To fonts

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Fonts are a system level resource... As far a I know, the only way to limit
fonts on a per-user basis is to use something like Microsoft Softgrid.


On 9/26/06, Stratton, Doug ISMC:EX <Doug.M.Stratton@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

We have some TTF fonts that a client purchased that we only want a limited number of users to have access to.

I tried setting the security rights on the font from the Font control
panel.  (selected font and removed all user access as a test)

What I seem to be getting is that users can still see the font in the
application but when they select it the text disappears.

I don't want them to see it in the application

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 Do you want to make different fonts available to different users, or,
just make certain available to no one?

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Is there a way to restrict access to fonts on a windows 2003 server?


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