[THIN] Re: How ready\stable is MPS 4?

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That would be quite impressive. Also I understand ThinPrint can handle
duplexing and tray options for printing as well if I remember correctly. Are
there any cons to using ThinPrint?
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"ThinPrint does not require a client piece btw." 
Holy cow, when did that happen?

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First let me say that I believe most all of the 3rd party printing products
have their own merit.  That being said I have a problem with how some of the
vendors products work. 
It is great that triCerat has removed the need for drivers on the server but
in doing so they require you install a "client" piece on the client.  This
doesn't bode well with me.  I understand that they are working on a product
that doesn't require a client but it is as yet to be released.  Here is the
issue...instead of having to just install 1 driver on all your servers...you
are stuck supporting ALL of your workstations and trying to find a way to
get the client on them and teaching users how to install it.. etc etc.  Not
to mention upgrading the tricerat client on all the workstations when you
need to. 
I really am puzzled why people think this is such a "wonderful" solution.
Instead of a few drivers an d mappings on the server...you have to install
clients on every workstation you own or on any workstation that connects so
that they can print. shaking head... 
Story time
I have a stable printing environment without the use of any 3rd party
utility. We do connect all client printers. It takes some work but it can be
done.  We recently purchased a hosted ASP service by ADP to do our
timesheets and they wanted me to install the triCerat driver on all of my
workstations.  I told them they are out of their mind.  If I am paying an
ASP I don't expect to have to turn around and install 1000 printer clients
and on top of it have an additional printer connecting to my local citrix
servers and being added into the mix. 
I basically told ADP that they have a choice...either they can give us a
hosted server with the UPD enabled or add the printer drivers for the 3
types of printers that we use here beca use I was not going to add the
overhead to my local servers. I think it is insane and unacceptable for a
service provider to expect and require the client to have to install any
piece of software on their desktops other than the TS/Citrix client that is.

ThinPrint does not require a client piece btw. 
Jim Kenzig

Steve Greenberg  wrote:

Yes, also a very good product 

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ThinPrint probably ranks well as a solution to do away with having to
install drivers on Citrix as well no? Have not used it but sounds like a
good product.
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From: "Steve Greenberg" 
Date: Wed, 30 Nov 2005 16:53:16
Subject: [THIN] Re: How ready\stable is MPS 4?

Agreed, Tricerat has taken this tehcnology much further than EMF and as a
result is approaching 100% reliable client printing.... 

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