[THIN] Re: Hoping someone is awake and can help!

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  • Date: Thu, 28 Oct 2004 22:33:31 -0700

Try some data store maintenance:
- Rebuild local host caches
  Might help to do some IMA troubleshooting (CTXTRACE or manually), look at
event logs, etc. The Advanced Concepts guide has some info about
troubleshooting IMA. An example:
Examine the following registry setting:


. If the value is blank, the IMA Service could not connect to the data store
or the local host cache is missing or corrupt.

. If a value exists, the IMA Service made a connection to the data store.
The value displayed is the name of the subsystem that failed to load. For
additional information about subsystem troubleshooting, see "IMA Service
Logging" on page 300.

Hope that helps.



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Subject: [THIN] Hoping someone is awake and can help!

60 servers 

Citrix Xpe SP3/FR3 

3 zones (physical) each with their own ZDC. 
        1 in Oshkosh, WI (46 servers)(Data store (SQL)) 
        1 in New London, WI (12 servers) 
        1 In Terre Haute, IN (2 servers) 

New London zone has begun to experience troubles where...users connect to
Citrix published app., but the app. Never opens, but shows open in
Connection Center on client.  Through CMC, server shows no client
connections.  Remote the server, reboot, shows closing out 35 users
currently connected.  Cancel, attempt to restart IMA, hangs on stopping.
Reboot of the servers takes FOREVER, I believe it is trying to shut down the

Remoting one server now, restart IMA, hung at stopping for over an hour now.

Connection between NL zone and Oshkosh (Data Store) is DS3. 

Any idea what might be happening? 

I would be glad to give more info., not thinking real straight, been at this
since 4AM. 

Thanks in advance, 


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