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  • Date: Wed, 8 Apr 2009 15:13:51 -0700

When you say network printers, you are mapping them to the client and  not
through a login script when the user logs into the XenApp server?


Everything else looks ok.   Do you have domain policies that override the
local security policy?




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I'm starting to pull my hair out, so I'm hoping someone here can help...

I have created a brand new farm running XenApp 5.0 for Windows Server 2003.
The farm consists of a Data Collector/License Server, 2 production
application hosts and 2 development application hosts.
We have 10 print servers scattered throughout our enterprise and all of them
have been imported to the farm.
Login scripts on the DC's map the users printers, depending on their office
location, they should see anywhere from 5-30 printers
There are a few users who have local printers who would prefer to use those
than the network printers (HR, Payroll, etc)
No printer drivers other than those that came with Windows have been
installed - I prefer to use the Universal driver to avoid having to install
50+ drivers on each of the servers

I have a single policy defined which contains nothing but printer settings
and used the server filter to apply it to all servers.

The policy is configured as follows:
Printing->Client Printers->Auto-Creation: Enabled - Auto-create all client
Printing->Client Printers->Legacy client printers: Enabled - Create dynamic
session-private client printers
Printing->Client Printers->Printer properties retention: Enabled - Held in
profile only if not saved on client
Printing->Client Printers->Print job routing: Enabled - Always connect
indirectly as a client printer
Printing->Client Printers->Turn off client printer mapping: Not Configured
Printing->Drivers->Native printer driver auto-install: Enabled - Do not
automatically install drivers
Printing->Drivers->Universal driver: Enabled - Use universal driver only if
requested driver is unavailable
Printing->Session printers: Enabled - Set default printer to the client's
main printer
I have nothing listed under the "Network printers to connect at logon"
section of the Session printers policy - Should there be anything here?

The default printer on my laptop is set to our "IT" printer.  When I run
Word from the web interface (I haven't tried the PNAgent yet, but we do have
users who use both) and select print, the printer selected as my default
appears to be the first one in the list (they seem to be sorted
alphabetically, which happens to be a Sales printer) rather than the "IT"
printer that it should be.

From the KB articles and the Citrix forums, it would appear that I've set
this up correctly, but it just doesn't seem to be working.  What am I



Jeff B. Bolton     http://www.leafsfan.net



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