[THIN] Re: Hardware for Citrix Servers

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  • Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2008 11:19:42 -0500

How much RAM?
In the past, I read that there is not much difference in Dual or Quad
CPUs for Terminal Servers.
I read that memory and Drive speed are more important.  Is that true?
I think that 4GB of RAM is just not good enough anymore (50 users), but
then if we want more than 4GB, we need to install Windows 2003
Enterprise at an extra $2000.
Hector Minero
Ph: 540.653.8859
Email: hector.minero@xxxxxxxx

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        I would recommend buying 64bit systems even if you want to
install as 32bit for the time being, you will at least be able to go
that option when you are ready for 64bit.
        We run HP c class baldes here.  B465C and they have been very
good to us.  Dell has something similar
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                 Hi all,  I need to buy a couple more servers for our
Citrix 4.0 farm and would like to know what you recommend I get as far
as Hardware is concerned.  I'd like the servers to handle at least 50
users each.

                Users mostly use IE, MS Office 2003, Adobe Acrobat
Professional, MS Project.   We are using Wyse 941GXL and Wyse G90. 

                We've been using Quads Dell PowerEdge 2850's with 4GB
RAM, and I think 50 users is too much for them. 

                Thanks in advance, 
                Hector Minero 

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