[THIN] Re: HP pavilion Laptop and Web client

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Can a non-privileged user do this or must it be an account with "juice"?


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Definitely an association issue.  You don't have to reinstall though,
just run wfica32.exe /setup from the ICA Client directory on the
workstation and it will fix the issue.  Happens most if you are
deploying the client using SMS or Active directory or any other method
of deployment.





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I had case that has been frustrating me for a long time.  2 users have
HP pavilion laptops ( I dont have hte exact model number) but they were
running WinXP all patched up properly and no matter what I did they
would never launch the Web plugin.  Even using File-mon to try and se
the processes never yielded any clues.  There were no error messages,
nothing in the event log, and no TSCAL issues.  The ICA file was
associated with the Citrix Runtime, but  nothing would ever launch.  Out
of Depseration I finally installed the Full PN and suddenly they started
connecting like normal. WHile I am currently calling case closed, any
idea why this is happening would be helpful.

I have had rare cases where I can tell there are no licensing issues,
the client installs, the file associations look good, but when you try
to launch the ICA file either from within WI or saved to desktop and
launched manually never even shows that its attempting to connect.
Again there are no error messages anywhere I can find and file
association looks good.  This is happenign with one other individual
currently, he is not on a pavalion.  I have installed the Full PN and
still ge the same result.

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