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So if I create an OU called "Terminal Server" and get the GPO set just right, 
then place the my terminal servers in that OU, the GPO will get applied for the 
users that log in to it even if the userid is in a different OU?
Most of the settings I am making apply to the user portion of the GPO.  
If I am understanding this right then this will be simple

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You need to put your TS is a different OU and apply the policies you want to 
that OU.  Second, you needs that policy (or a different GPO) setup for Lookback 


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Sorry for the dumb question but I can't seem to find a way around this. 

I have a group policy set for the users that log into my terminal servers but 
some of those users also need to log into their windows 2000 pro fat client.  
How do I apply the group policy to only their terminal sessions without messing 
up their fat clients.



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