[THIN] Re: Gray version of Citrix PN.exe 7.100.21825 now available

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  • Date: Fri, 9 Apr 2004 13:10:47 -0400

1st question it is up to Claudio.  He can surely use the file if he wants to
roll it into his product, I have no problem with that.

2nd question..Maybe it depends...send it to me off list with the changes you
want and I'll look at it and see if I can do anything with it. (or you can
open it with resource hacker and look at it)

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2 quick questions 1 related ...1 not so related.

Is it possible to combine the Grey PN that you do with Claudio's close
button change .. that would be real neat :¬)

Is it possible to modify a setup.exe that has been created with visual
studio or would i need the original vbp file to do this. Im trying to
replace a hard coded path that exists within a setup file.

Thanks for taking the time to modify the pn as well.


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