[THIN] Re: Ghosting an FR3 MetaFame Server

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  • Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2005 14:17:23 -0600

Best thing to do is find out what Citrix wants to install and put it
back.  The event log will show installer errors and it will give you
file names (with path) that it is trying to replace.  

This happened to me.  We removed the Citrix folders from the "All Users"
start menu and when we dropped the image the installer would pop for
every user.  We ended up putting the folders back and hiding it.
Pop-ups went away.

Jennifer Henske
AG Edwards

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Hi all,

I've always been able to ghost FR2 servers without a problem.  I use the
images as backups of my server.
This morning I made a ghost image of an FR3 server (upgraded from FR2)
and followed the same procedures I always do; however when I restore the
images,  MetaFrame keeps asking for the MetaFrame XP FR3 CD to install
some features.  I suppose it thinks some features are missing.
Now, I am not truing to clone the server, I am just putting the image
back on the same server.

Is there anything different between imaging an FR2 server and an FR3
What could've gone wrong?  Could it be that I upgraded the server from


Hector Minero
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