[THIN] Ghosting Windows 2003

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The first thing to check is the raid controllers. If they are different 
you have your work cut out for you. You will have to get the drivers for 
the new raid controller installed on the server before ghosting. I have 
done this with W2K and Dell servers using an additional raid controller 
and an external drive array. It was a pain and took a lot of time but it 
worked and plug and play handled all of the other differences.

There is a great step by step procedure on the Citrix website and you will 
need to sysprep the new server before attaching it to the network.

Aaron Simms MCSE,CCA,CCSP 
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Pemstar Inc.

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I am adding a server to my farm.  An IBM x335.  My existing servers are 
two IBM x330 and an IBM Netfinity 7000.  The 335 is already installed and 
running with Windows 2003 and Metaframe XPa FR3.  I have some users 
testing it and it may get a few more tweaks, but otherwise it is all set.

If I ghost it and restore the image onto the x330 servers, will it 
recognize and fix the hardware differences?  They are not that different 
but there are differences.  Then I am assuming there needs to be some 
renaming etc before I plug them back into the network.  They will be 
keeping their old windows 2000 names.  I am just trying to get them 
running on Windows 2003 and I really don't feel like re-installing 
everything by hand three more times.

Am I out of my mind with this approach or is this possible?



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