[THIN] Re: GPO Issue

  • From: "Luchette, Jon" <JLuchette@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 1 Sep 2006 15:18:23 -0400

we are using a .cmd login script, but we aren't doing drive mappings
with it.  we are just copying the proper shortcuts to the user's
redirected desktop and appdata folder with it.  but either way, it seems
to be running when it really shouldn't be?  
do you know what might be happening???
Jon Luchette

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If he is using a dos-based login script (net use) and not specifying
"/persistent:no" then I believe the mapped drive would persist, so all
that combined would explain it.

On 9/1/06, Jeff Pitsch <jepitsch@xxxxxxxxx> wrote: 

        Now that you mention it Joe, redirection policies are applied
the first time and then not touched again unlesst hey change.  That may
be why it's not being removed properly.  It's the login scrip that is
confusing because the login scripts are typically part of the GPO itself
when specified in a gpo.  
        But you make a valid point about the same profile, I would use
GPO to specify a completely separate profile for the other OU.  then you
eliminate this problem altogether.

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        On 9/1/06, Joe Shonk <joe.shonk@xxxxxxxxx> wrote: 

                You're using the same TS Profile for the other servers,
but not the same Redirection Policies?  Somehow, that doesn't make
sense.  Does the other OU have its own set of policies?   As far as I
know, GPO settings are not unapplied when a user logs off so some
settings may be saved in their profile. 





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                Hello -


                I have a GPO that contains user and computer settings
for a group of users being applied to Citrix servers running 2003 that
are in a certain OU within our Active Directory.  Within this policy are
folder redirection settings for appdata, my docs, desktop, and start
menu.  Their is also a logon script that is set to run in the policy as


                The problem is that when a user logs onto a different
terminal server that is not in this OU, they get their folders
redirected and the logon script is running as well.  I do not know why?
It shouldn't....? 


                Also, if I am logged onto one of these other servers
that shouldn't apply the policy, I am running RSOP.msc and it doesn't
show any of the settings from my GPO being applied? 


                I am baffled.


                Any ideas why this might be happening?


                ...hopefully it is just friday and I am overlooking
something simple.





                Jon Luchette

                Emerson Hospital 

                Technology Specialist III

                Work: 978-287-3369

                Cell:  978-360-1379




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