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The other scenario is that MS buys the technology but only implements part
of it or only implement enough to accomplish a specific goal, i.e. migration
to Vista. We will have to wait and see. If they truly integrate Softgrid
into their offerings this will be a great thing because once and for all MS
will have to create a workable profile solution!


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Someone here asked... Is this the end of Softtricity?  Is Microsoft just
buying Softtricity out... to get it out of the way of their upcoming
virtualization server product line.


I've seen Microsoft use the "If you can't beat 'em, buy em!" mentality.



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Its official!

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Hello All,  


This is not a newsletter but this is HUGE and I wanted to let you all know
as soon as it was official.


Microsoft Acquires Softricity Application Virtualization Company


Will this Result in a Paradigm Shift in How We Manage and Deploy
Applications in the Future?


May 22, 2006, Today Microsoft announced they will buy application
virtualization software provider Softricity.  Softricity are the pioneers of
the on-demand virtual application computing model for application management
and deployment.  For those of you new Softricity, their SoftGrid solution
changes the paradigm of how applications are run and managed, through true
virtualization of the application. Their solution allows for applications to
be completely insulated from the operating system and from each other.


Read the entire article and look in to the future of Windows with me. I also
want to know what you think about this. Post your comments below the article
and let's all discuss this.  This is really huge!!

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