[THIN] Fwd: China-linked cyberattack: What you need to know

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Heads Up!
Jim Kenzig

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Date: Tue, Jan 19, 2010 at 10:26 AM
Subject: China-linked cyberattack: What you need to know
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 McAfee Labs has identified a zero-day vulnerability in Microsoft Internet
Explorer that was used as an entry point for a cyberattack that struck
Google and a rapidly growing list of other companies. McAfee is working with
our customers, partners, and the public to educate them on this dangerous
cyberattack known as "Operation Aurora".

We have set up an informational web page to get the latest information at

There you will find:

>> A detailed 
>> document<http://now.eloqua.com/e/er.aspx?s=927&lid=1925&elq=99f0b4cbf5a64d438408a09a8914afec>to
>>  help you determine if you've been affected
>> An executive-level video 
>> briefing<http://app.en25.com/e/er.aspx?s=927&lid=1926&elq=99f0b4cbf5a64d438408a09a8914afec>
>>  explaining
Operation Aurora from the McAfee Office of the CTO
>> Evaluations of McAfee products to help ensure that you are protected
>> Links to McAfee security professionals and other resources to help you
protect your organization from Operation Aurora and similar attacks in the

We invite you to visit this site frequently for updates on Operation Aurora.
In addition, we will be hosting the Hacking Exposed live webcast on January
21, 2010 at 11 AM PST / 2 PM EST which will feature the latest up-to-date
information on the Operation Aurora cyberattack. Register


George Kurtz

WW Chief Technology Officer & Executive Vice President

McAfee, Inc.


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