[THIN] Free application and code sample - XAFacePunch using the Citrix Mobility SDK - My Mobile Device is tracking me!!!

  • From: Warren Simondson <caditc@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 27 Jul 2012 10:15:08 +1000

Hi All

Ctrl-Alt-Del IT Consultancy Pty Ltd is proud to release its third free 
application offering for 2012 using the 
recently released Citrix Mobility Pack for XenApp 6.5.

XAFacePunch is a mobile device enabled utility that can be incorporated into 
custom windows based 
software, such as a timesheeting ERP system that is running centrally through a 
Citrix XenApp 6.5 or 
higher server. As the name of this program loosely suggests, XAFacePunch, is a 
Timesheet PUNCH CARD 
for mobile users and allows a mobile device and its features to serve as an 
electronic version of the 
traditional punch card. This program, when incorporated into a custom 
timesheeting program, can provide 
an organisation with electronic tracking of an employee through a graphically 
represented punch card that 
includes information, such as the time, date and GPS co-ordinates. To ensure an 
employee is where they 
say they are, XAFacePunch embeds this information into a live photo of the 
employee or their location as 
they submit their punch card from any location where a mobile/ cellular signal 
is available.

The idea behind this application is that as a mobile employee arrives at a 
customer site, they use 
XAFacePunch to "Punch in" or "clock in" to the company's central timesheeting 
system. XAFacePunch then 
provides a real-time photo of the employee, with the embedded information of 
current GPS co-ordinates 
time and date, as well as the username that the employee logged onto the system 
with. Upon leaving the 
site, the employee then "Punches out" or "Clocks out" in the same manner.

The code provided in this public release of XAFacePunch is a working example of 
the process described 
above. In providing this program however, we have omitted from the final code 
the section which sends 
the photo with the embedded information to the central ERP system. This was 
simply done by transferring 
the embedded photo into an email using SMTP code and an SMTP Server located 
within the company's 
infrastructure. As the photo is saved on the Citrix XenApp Server and not on 
the mobile device, the 
corporate SMTP server can be used without opening the server for external 

The full version of this application is actually being used in a commercial 
environment and has proven 
invaluable for employers to keep track of mobile workers, essentially providing 
evidence that an employee 
is where they say they are. This application is also being used without the 
integration of an ERP system, 
and simply provides an employer photographic and GPS evidence of where an 
employee is at any time 
they request it. In this instance an employer contacts the mobile employee and 
requests a "Punch Card" 
of where they are at that time. The employee then uses XAFacePunch to submit 
the information, again via 
an SMTP server located within the company's infrastructure. With the 
combination of the photo, the GPS 
co-ordinates, and the time and date, the employer can be confident that the 
employee is where they say 
they are.

The next stage is to work on some facial recognition software that can further 
analyse the photo once 
received and confirm the photo matches the user based on a company database. 
This has been requested 
of us to include, however it may be a little beyond us at this stage.

Yes Big Brother is truly watching.

As always this application is free to download from http://www.ctrl-alt-
del.com.au/CAD_XAFacePunch.htm , along with our 50+ other freeware applications 
at http://www.ctrl-

The source code for this application is also available free from XAFacePunch.htm

You must install the Citrix Mobility Pack as detailed at 

This utility is FREEWARE and was written by Warren Simondson of Ctrl-Alt-Del IT 
Consultancy, Australia.

This program and the code may not be reproduced for profit.

SDK's used in this program:
Citrix MOBILITY SDK - http://community.citrix.com/display/xa/Download+SDKS


Warren Simondson

Ctrl-Alt-Del IT Consultancy Pty Ltd

Website: http://www.ctrl-alt-del.com.au

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