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  • Date: Wed, 5 May 2004 20:33:36 -0700 (PDT)

Hello Everyone,
After seeing on Mcafee.com  that the virus infections in the United States have 
over 1000 machines per 1,000,000 people throught the US,  I thought I would put 
this package together to try and help the novice users out there.  This latest 
round of worms has reached epic proportions and my email box and phone have not 
stopped ringing from people asking for help to get their PC's fixed!
I have been using some of these products for several years to clean up PC's 
that are infected or not working properly and I think they are the most 
reliable FREE utilities available. 
Download the file at:
ALL DISCLAIMERS APPLY FOUND AT http://thin.net/copyright.cfm! I take no 
responsibility for anything that you do to your PC or any damage that could be 
caused by use of this information or utilities. I did not write any of these 
utilities NOR do I provide support for them.  USE THEM AT YOUR OWN RISK!
This is a 25 megabyte zip file (I suggest you should have at least a DSL 
connection to download this.) You will need Winzip or another unzip program to 
extract the files.  I may make CD's available in the future for a nominal 
fee(probably about $5 or so just to cover cost and shipping) if I get enough 
These are the latest versions as of 5/5/2004
-Adaware6.exe  This is Lavasoft Adaware free for personal use.
Run the executable and it will install the program.
Once in the program click on the globe in the upper right corner to do the
web update. Obviously you need to be connected to the internet to do this.
Click on the connect button to get the latest pattern updates. Choose OK to 
download the pattern file then click on finish when it is done.
Next click on the scan now button on the right pane of the program to scan your
system.  Follow the directions to clean your system after the scan is done.
You should update and run Adaware at least once per month.
-SpybotSd12.exe  This is Spybot Search and Destroy free for personal use.
Run the executable and choose your language. I have included the latest pattern
files in case you cannot go to the update page and connect to the internet
Run the Spybotsd_includes.exe file and the spybot_tools.exe after the program 
Once the program is installed and you run it click on the immunize button to
keep your computer from getting more spyware on it again.
You should update and run Spybot at least once a month.
If you have the Sasser worm there are 2 removal tools here. One from AVG
that also removes the Netsky and Bagle worms and the one from Microsoft
The AVG one I called baglenetskysasservcleaner.exe the one from Microsoft
is called the MSSassremovalforXP&W2K.exe
See http://www.microsoft.com/security for the latest information. 
Every PC SHOULD have a Firewall. There are many out there to choose from but I 
prefer and use SYgate Personal Firewall.  Windows XP has a built in firewall 
that is enabled by default and is semidecent and should protect you from the 
sasser worm if it is enabled. 
I prefer Sygate because I have a lot more control and the graphical user 
interface and logs let me see what is going on.  It is worth purchasing the 
full version and is the best
$39.95 you can spend on your computer.
The file name to install the free version of Sygate is 
Finally I have included the AVG Free for personal use Antivirus Program.
You wil have to get a KEY from AVG for it when you register but it is a
great program if you can't afford one. 
It is avg665fu_free.exe with the latest virus signatures of u7avi280e4.bin
that can be installed.  Otherwise I recommend that you go to your local 
computer store and pick up Mcafee Antivirus version 8. You MUST have an
antivirus program and you must keep it updated. 

This compilation is compliments of Jim Kenzig and http://thin.net
Visit our Games page at http://www.stressedpuppy.com and be sure and visit our 
Jim Kenzig the Library Network Guy


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