[THIN] Flash on MF XPe 1.0

  • From: "Rob Slayden" <rslayden@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2006 12:37:06 -0700

I have a couple of questions for the list, both relating to Flash. We
are currently making development changes to our internal application
that runs on Citrix through a browser (IE is what we publish) and they
are coding much of it with Adobe Flex, which uses Flash 9 on the server
side. During the bandwidth testing we just completed, there was a 512%
increase in bandwidth utilization between the original non-flash version
of the app and the updated Flash 9/Adobe Flex version of the app. Our
server side is MF XPe 1.0 FR3/SP4 on Server 2003 (no SP1). The client
side terminals are Wyse 3350, 3360, 3125 and S30 terminals, so we have
CE 2.12 to CE.Net and ICA 6.20 through 9.04. My questions are as
1. Are there any tweaks or tunes that will help Flash run better in our
current environment?
2. Are the changes between XP 1.0 and PS 4.0 from a Flash perspective
enough to benefit users and reduce bandwidth? Note that we would likely
have to fork over about $1.5 mill to update our environment as we passed
on the SA and we would also have to upgrade about half of our terminals
in order to get 9.x ICA client support.
Any comments, ideas, suggestions, or alternatives would be greatly

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