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I can't wait for the Profile tool.  We used to use roaming due to loa
balancing, but had too many problems.  Now users are having to deal with
the fact that their desktops on each server may be different.

As for the first product, it looks promising.  We don't publish, yet.  I am
working on getting management approval for this, but there a re number of
little gotchas, such as multiple logins.  A single sign-on solution that
does not cost an arm and a leg would help.


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Hey guys,

I would like to ask you feedback in a couple products we are working on =
(tell me what you think about the concept, market chances etc):

- Citrix Desktop Replacement: we came up with a very small and tiny OS =
(now on the second release and this is where it gets MUCH better) =
completely integrated to Windows/Citrix environments. This means users =
see a logon screen where they type their username/password/domain (that =
can be preset to any domain you want) and after that, based on their =
credentials, they see all their published applications right on their =
desktop/start menu. All this with single sign-on. This means they can =
launch any of these apps without being asked for a Citrix login again. =
Add to that a centralized management tool where you can set backgrounds, =
remove/add items to the desktop/control panel etc, in a per user/group =
basis or as a global setting. Fits in 32MB what means you can install =
directly on any hard disk, 32MB or larger (sic) or simply remove the =
hard disk on the PC and install a Disk on Module with this OS loaded on =

- Office Desktop: this is basically the same as above but it includes a =
Java based Office suite, with strong compatibility with Microsoft Office =
and fits in a 128MB Disk on Module. Once you plug the module on the user =
PC he gets a desktop with an Office compatible suite on it. No need for =
a local OS and/or local Office suite licenses.

- WTSProfiles: some asked for this so here we go. Basically FlexProfiles =
in a tool, with centralized management. Set all the options you want in =
the admin GUI and when the user logs in all the settings are applied. =
The hybrid profile solution but now in a tool.

So what do you think about these? My plans are to release the first two =
in a 2-3 week timeframe and the WTSProfile later on, probably before end =
of Q2/2004.

If you want to try any of these please just email me off list at =


Cl=E1udio Rodrigues

Microsoft MVP
Windows Technologies - Terminal Services

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