[THIN] Re: Farm design assistance

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  • Date: Thu, 8 Sep 2005 09:20:45 -0700

The feature you are asking for is called Zone Preference and Failover.  It
requires the Enterprise Edition of Metaframe.  Yes, Location 1 would be one
zone, and location 2 would be another.





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Need some assistance.  Here is what I have 

2 locations connected via point-to-point T1 

Location 1 has 2 apps servers and a data zone collector, and citric access
Location 2 currently has 2 app servers, but I have an available server for a
data zone collector 

Users access Citrix via PNAgent or WI through the access gateway at Location
1.  If they have an app running from Location 2, it goes across the PTP T1.
Prior to any Citrix loads, that PTP T1 has < 5K/sec steady usage.  Random
spikes during times of administration, so I think it will be enough
bandwidth for the small user load.

With the goal of ease of management , and saving some cash, I put the
servers in location 2 in the same zone and farm as those in location 1.  

The problem I'm running into is this, I want some users to run their apps
off the servers at location 2, and some to run their apps at location 1.
This is an issue for common pps like MS Office, but not for unique apps.  I
can get around this by publishing these apps twice, with 2 different names.
However, I'm prefer not to do that, because if I have to use the
non-standard name for a program or folder, when the users go to look for the
shortcuts on their desktop (PNAgent users), they may overlook them, or get
confused, causing training issues I prefer to avoid.  Yes, this is not a
huge issue, but the point of this post is to try to avoid this as one of the

I want to keep the single entry point via the access gateway at location 1.

I ended up with the setup I have because I didn't think about the
application issue, and it finally hit me today.  I took this route because
it seemed like the simplest management route.


Can I accomplish my goals given my criteria and resources as defined in this

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