[THIN] FYI: Issue w/ DL580's NC3134 NIC running in degraded half-duplex mode

  • From: jason.weems@xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • To: thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 15 Oct 2002 16:41:06 -0400

FYI:  I thought I would post this since I know there are several people using 
Compaq DL580's for MetaFrame servers.  

We had an issue where our Compaq DL580's integrated NC3134 NIC were actually 
running in a degrading Half Duplex mode even though they were set at 100 Full 
Duplex.  I have been working with Compaq on the issue and was informed there is 
a known issue where updated NIC driver 7.10.710.15 (that is suppose to correct 
issue) is not correctly updating a required registry setting.  To fix the 
issue, the server(s) duplex mode need to be changed to another setting (ex: 
Half Duplex), rebooted and set back to 100 Full Duplex and rebooted a 2nd time. 
 I applied the fix procedure to my servers and it seems to have corrected the 


Jason Weems
Sr. Network Systems Engineer
Systems Engineering Group
Citigroup Real Estate Lending and Technology Group

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