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Hello All,

I have a good bit of info that I think you will find very useful.

Citrix Releases NFuse Elite Service Pack 1!
SP1 is adds a few new features and a few bug fixes. If you are running NFE
and or support it then I highly recommend check out the first service pack.
For more information please check out then SP1 Readme file.

Next Webinar - 10-10-02 - 1:00 PM (Pacific Standard Time) - Citrix Secure
Gateway! (CSG) - presented by: Joe Baker with special guest Jay Tomlin who
will be available for Q&A (best known for his awesome Project Columbia) so
if you have CSG questions and want to run it by one of the best Citrix gurus
around then you will want to attend this webinar. I will send out the
connection details tomorrow.

NFuse Elite in a Box - 0.2 Draft is released!
If you like MetaFrame in a Box then you will love NFE in a Box. Roddy just
updated the draft so have at it.
NFuse Elite - Tuning Tips - .80 Beta is RELEASED!
NFE, NFE and NFE!  Wow, the west coast is starting to put out a bit of
really good NFE info for you.  Check out the following  tips and tricks doc
put together by the awesome Jason Maynard!   Guys, if you like Rick D's
tuning tips then this will become of your must have NFE docs...
HP LaserJet Printers and Terminal Servers - Overview
For everyone supporting HP printers in MetaFrame and that is all of us, HP
just released the following article on their website. I think you will find
it very useful!

NOTE: URL might be continued on another line. If so then please connect them
to make it work.


Terminal server technology allows as many as 128 devices or terminals to
dynamically share the resources on a terminal server. A terminal server
eliminates the need for modems, network interface cards, applications or
complete operating systems on the terminals. Terminals may include PCs,
so-called dumb terminals, printers and other devices. In turn, the terminal
server connects to a local area network through a network interface card.
This document focuses on HP LaserJet printers in the terminal server
environment and includes a list of supported printers, recommendations for
installing printer drivers, a description of terminal server configurations,
differences between terminal server versions, and differences between remote
client operating systems.

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server-based questions, issues and incidents.

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