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Subject: ScrewDrivers for NT 4 TSE

Unlike many of the other players in server based computing, triCerat is
actively supporting NT 4 TSE. In that regard, we are pleased to announce
that we have been able to port all of the functionality in our Windows
2000 ScrewDrivers fxp product to that platform. All of our existing SD
1.x customers with active maintenance contracts will receive this major
upgrade at no additional cost.
It was a lot of hard work to bring these W2k printing capabilities to
NT4, but we've made it to the beta stage. Anyone that wants to test it
out can visit http://www.tricerat.com/?page=support
<http://www.tricerat.com/?page=support>  and click on the Beta link. All
feedback should be emailed to support@xxxxxxxxxxxx

John B. Byrne

President & CEO

triCerat Software

800 582 5167 ext. 11

www.tricerat.com <http://www.tricerat.com/> 

"Making your job easier since 1997"


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