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Yeah a FQDN is tied to the SSL cert. If you want to Have https://ron.com
<https://ron.com/>  and https://jill.com <https://jill.com/>  that's two


Now if you just need certain forms for the sites secured they can be
like https://genericsite/ron https://genericsite/jill



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There is a way to do what you want either way.  I don't really know the
details, but my hosting site offers either individual certificates, or a
cheaper method where multiple sites share one cert.  


I seem to remember that for the share to work, the FQN was the hosting
sites name, and those that bought into the share had to use a folder
under the share.  (i.e. I can buy https://www.myname.com
<https://www.myname.com/>   and they host it, or for less money I can
get https://hostsitename.net/myname).  Sorry I don't know the details
beyond that.


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OK guys,


This may seem like a dumb question but I honsetly dont know the answer
to this.


A Client of mine has a web server which is serving multiple intranet
sites. running on IIS.


He wants some sites secured by SSL and others not (all of the sites on
the same machine).


I thought that an SSL cert was bound to a machine for a specific FQN. So
if thats the case will he need to purchase multiple SSL certificates?


Any clarification would be appreciated.



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