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NDA issues apply - so you will not likely get an answer in a public forum. 

If you really want to understand the costs of SoftGrid, you should either
work with a var/integrator that is already experienced (assuming you are an
enterprise admin) or work with Softricity to become one.  In my opinion,
Softricity makes a terrific value in the complex environment Ruben described
(more due to savings in administration), and small environments (more due to
savings in servers) -- but costs and savings are hard to generalize so you
need someone to look at your situation.  A really good VAR can help you make
sense of it all.

As to the rumor, that has been a constant, sometimes downplayed by those
companies.  Citrix doesn't have much of a record of buying compatible
technology yet. 


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Thanks for that Ruben, very impressive!  

Yup, licensing cost is what I'm looking for.  Are you able to tell me if you
got a pricing deal with Softricity?

Also, I read on brianMadden.com somewhere, a rumour, about Citrix looking at
purchasing an interest in Softricity??? 

thanks in advance,


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