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MetaFrame XP 2 is known internally at Citrix as Project "Hudson." It's
technically MetaFrame 3.0, and will probably be called Citrix MetaFrame
Presentation Server 2004 when it's released. Last year, Citrix was saying
that it would be released in the first quarter of 2004, although they didn't
really talk too much about it at their Solutions Summit show two weeks ago.


As for the features, you can find this (and all Citrix rumor information) on
my website. The link for the MetaFrame Hudson feature list is:




Here's a quick list of the new features:


1. Centrally managed licenses across farms. 

2. Share licenses across farms. 

3. MMC-based management console. 

4. Manage sessions, applications, servers, and zones from multiple farms via
a single tool. 

5. Major rearchitecture of zone data collector behavior that allows farms to
be more scalable. Data collectors only track load usage for servers in their
zone--not the entire farm. Servers can be configured so that users are sent
to the least-loaded server in the zone or in the farm. 

6. Set preferred zones for users. 

7. Zone-to-zone failover. 

8. Citrix user policies can now be applied based on server groups, IP
addresses, and client names--in addition to users and groups. 

9. Real delegated administration that allows you to configure different
administrators for different servers in the same farm. 

10. Client side microphone input and bi-directional audio. 

11. SpeedScreen now accelerates Flash, Quicktime, and Windows Media. 

12. SpeedScreen lossy image compression. 

13. All the random logon windows and boxes have been consolidated into a
single status box that provides consistent feedback to the user. 

14. Dynamic Session Reconfiguration allows users to disconnect and connect
to session that are different resolutions and colors.. 

15. Hide published applications. 

16. Web Interface supports both ICA and RDP clients.


I also did an in-depth look at the new "rave" multimedia technology and the
lossy image compression in this article:














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Sorry guys, I typed in the wrong email address.


Here we go again,


Does anyone know anything about MF XP 2?


Ive heard some rumblings from people that it is due for release sometime
this year. Is this true? 


Does any one know what the differences are?




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