[THIN] FW: Citrix nFuse Elite SP1 Released

  • From: "Ruben Spruijt" <Ruben.Spruijt@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 2 Oct 2002 20:02:46 +0200


Citrix nFuse Elite SP1 released.
I've downloaded from MyCitix

With regards,

Ruben Spruijt
Ruben Spruijt
CCEA: Citrix Certified Enterprise Administrator
MCP: Microsoft Certified Professional - MS Clustering / NLB
MCP: Microsoft Certified Professional - MS Exchange 2000=20
CCA: Citrix Certified Administrator
CCNA: Cisco Certified Network Associate
Web Private: http:///www.rspruijt.com

New features and enhancements
Automatic login
For those portals that require authentication, you can now allow your
users to select an option on the Log In page so that they do not have to
re-enter their account credentials after the first time they are
authenticated to enter. If you want users to be able to select the Log
in Automatically option on their portal Log In page, select "Allow users
to log in automatically" when you configure user authentication for a
portal. This option is on the People Properties page for each portal.=20

Note  The automatic login feature is available only after you install
the service pack and import three updated packages that are included
with the service pack. After you install the service pack, you must open
the PMC and import these updated packages with the Import CDA command.
For detailed instructions on importing these components, see the
Importing packages needed for automatic login section below.=20

User credentials are encrypted and saved in a cookie on the user's
client device. The cookie expires after 30 days, but the expiration
timer is reset each time the user logs in. Users who haven't logged in
for 30 days must re-enter their credentials. Users with credentials that
have changed or expired receive an Invalid Login message and are forced
to log in again.=20

If you disable this option in the PMC after users have selected it and
created client-side cookies, NFuse Elite deletes these cookies and
forces users to log in again. The portal user can disable automatic
login by selecting the option on the Settings page for the portal. To
display the Settings page, a user chooses My Pages  >   Settings from
the portal menu.

The portal does not display the option to users unless you enable the
feature in the PMC. By default, Automatic Login is disabled. When
enabled, the option is made available for all users in the portal. You
cannot enable the option for some users and not others within the same

Increased scalability, performance, and stability
The State Server now uses enhanced methods for handling COM-based
support objects, cached data, and the fetch cycle. Data compression on
the State server and in transmissions between servers, along with
increased accuracy in purging expired cached data, improves performance.
Splitting session data allows load-balancing at the request level.
Requests from the same session are load-balanced among Agent Servers if
one becomes unavailable, or if a new Agent Server is added.=20

The service pack adds stability to the portal with several new

Additional CDA processing streams separate CDA processing from core
portal processing, making the portal less vulnerable to an individual
CDA that may be exhibiting problems.=20
If a CDA response times out, the portal can now interrupt the CDA's
execution to prevent possible corruption of memory from continued
attempts to execute the CDA.=20
The Agent Server includes a new method that allows it to recover from
CDA exceptions and memory leaks.

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