[THIN] Extra 6.5 sluggish + Slow Logon - getting desperate

  • From: "Anthony Saliba" <anthony_salibas@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 12 Oct 2002 07:43:19 +1000


I have an issue with 2 remote users who connect to our server farm.  We have 
6 servers in our farm with a dedicated Access Datastore on one of them.  2 
users whom run a published desktop connect to the datastore server (all 
other users run Published Apps on the other servers and are OK).  The 2 
users complain that their logon is slow early in the morning as other people 
around the country logon.  As they connect to the server that has the Access 
Datastore, it kind of makes sense as all users talk to this box to get to 
their published apps.  Is this performance degradation expected?  Only 2 
users use the Access datastore server hence me expecting their performance 
to be fast.  Would moving them to another server get around it.  I wouldn't 
have thought user logons would have slowed the performance on that datastore 
server to heavily

These 2 users also complain about Extra 6.5 as they feel it is very 
sluggish.  They have to wait up to 6 seconds before the screen changes.  
Will increasing the cursor blink rate to very fast help?  They also use a 
DOS client to connect - is there anything we can tweak to make the 
performance feel faster?  ie bitmap settings.  Our comms guys have checked 
the links and they are underutilized. The desktop is connecting at 100Mbs 
and the switch is configured for 100 FD also..  Is it better to leave the 
switch at auto or 100 Full Duplex?  Its a DOS client so we can't hard code 
it to 100FD but thats what it connects as anyway

In summary - 2 issues
- Slow logon to WTS / Metaframe XPe
- Extra 6.5 sluggish

Any help muchly appreciated - this issue is driving me nuts..


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