[THIN] Re: Excel performance Issue

  • From: Alphen IT <alphenit@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 28 Nov 2011 14:38:27 +0100

In addtion to AdamT's suggestion: Have you tried copying the excel
sheet to the local Citrix drive?
Let the user try to do the calculations when the sheet is on the local
drive of the citrix server. If you see dramatic improvements then you
might want to shift your attention towards the fileserver..


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Onderwerp: [THIN] Re: Excel performance Issue

Dragging this slightly off the topic of Citrix: I'm wondering if the
performance issue is on the file server?

I'm not sure if Excel ordinarily uses memory-mapped files, but I think
that the Windows file cache will redirect I/O requests to a virtual
memory-mapped structure.  If your file server is also x86, it might be
the source of your slow performance.

To start with, I'd set up perf counter logging on both the Citrix
servers and the file server, looking for mem usage, paging, network
and disk I/O bottlenecks.

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