[THIN] Re: Excel performance Issue

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I’m working on a similar problem – finance working with 45MB spread sheets
and complaining that the process is slow.

However – while tests on the Citrix farm confirmed that calculations times
are long,  so did  tests on a fat desktop, tests on a laptop, tests on a
non-citrix server. We could get the calc time down to less than 3 minutes
if we gave them a dedicated dual quad-core processor box, each. It’s still
a couple of days to month end, maybe that will happen. Fundamentally, it’s
a poorly coded spreadsheet.

While it’s true to say you could use the likes of AppSense to improve
performance (e.g. to help keep the AppData local to the server), and
optimise CPU & memory performance (at a far more granular level than you
can with the “in-house” citrix stuff) it’s not going to turn a sow’s ear
into a silk purse. Have you done some tests outside of a Citrix
environment? Just local? What would you like to get the load time down to,
what is it now?

Have you considered moving from Office 2003? 2007 & 2010 have a range of
performance improvements over 2003.

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We had / have a similar.issue for.our.Excel.users (and.only.in excel) and
it was bad on Ica client 12 and unusable with the receiver. (ica 13) half
of.finance are still not.running the standard image because.of.this..

We use.appsense EM for.profile.management however...  Is there
something.that we can.change in appsense Joe?


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Are you using any profile management tools such as AppSense?


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I have an interesting issue where some Excel power users are complaining
about performance on my Windows 2003 XenApp 4.5 farm (x86).  We are running
Office 2003 and performance is very bad when large XLS files are opened.
 Its not uncommon for a user to have 2 x Excel + MS Access programs open
often using around 800Mb RAM.  I did some tests with only 1 user on the
server and Excel was very slow.  User was using 700MB RAM but no CPU.  The
XLS file is on the same network as the XenApp server so there are no issues
here (Gig networking).

Server hardware
2 x Quad Core CPU
10Gb RAM

Are there any tweaks I can perform to improve performance for Excel?  I
have a dedicated XenApp Server specifically for my 5 finance users so there
is plenty of resources


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