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Now I get it.


Steve is correct in that you can't Y the standard pairs a single end of a
run (at least not if you want to use both devices at the same time).  


You can share the unused pins on a "home run" cable with two connecters at
each end of the cable.  At each end, the first connecter uses only 4 of the
8 wires, and the other 4 are used for the second.  You risk some
interference potential, but you would have to be at the edge of the limits


Looks like he wants to do the latter.



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I am under the impression that you cannot simply split an Ethernet signal
into two nodes passively, i.e. each port needs it's own Rx-Tx electronics.
The $30 item may be correct because it includes, in essence, a mini-hub. 

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Off subject but does anyone know where I can purchase in the US an Ethernet
splitter? That is the plug that converts a single cat-5 Ethernet cable into
2 cables so I don't have to resort to a Hub or running another cable.


I tried CDW but they don't have anything for less then $30 (major rip off).


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