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  • Date: Mon, 07 Feb 2005 14:40:28 +0800


Which part of the network requires encryption.  If it is end to end you
could use local printers with ICA providing the encryption?  You can set
up variations of this by using the CTX client to provide encryption
across the WAN and then unencrypt for the spooling to the local network


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>>> jhardwick@xxxxxxxx 07/02/2005 14:12:51 >>>
Somewhat odd request...


I have a client that has several remote sites that will be connecting
back to a centralized site via Citrix.  Traditionally I would have
handled their printing needs by having regular JetDirects with IPs
accessible from the central site.  The client is concerned about the
unencrypted print job traffic.  I've been toying with VPN solutions to
just handle the printing, but am looking for a simpler solution.  Is
anyone aware of a JetDirect like device that encrypts the LPR traffic?


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