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Great idea thanks Joe
The applications are all written in house and we host multiple versions
talking to multiple database backends, and they all support UNC paths, 
Initially I asked this list if there was a way to simply have each
application give a mapping to a UNC path (specifically the working
directory specified in Metaframe) but got a very limited response so I
assumed it was not the way to go. This would eliminate the multiple
session problems. And is highly desirable.
Any more info?
Thanks Nick
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Essentially you would like to map drives to shares based on the
application the user launches.
An easy way is write a script (.cmd or .bat) for each application.  Ie.
Net use i: \\server\word-share <file:///\\server\word-share> 
Start "c:\program files\microsoft office\winword.exe"    (or something
Instead of using the winword.exe when publishing the app, point the
publish app to the .cmd/.bat file instead (you can still use the word
Keep in mind that you'll want to use a different drive letter for each
application used, and if the use launches more that one application (and
the apps reside on the same server) you won't be able to keep the
"other" application drive letters hidden from each other.  
Of course there are other ways to accomplish this. Just keep in mind;
"Session Sharing"
Perhaps the applications support UNC paths.
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Subject: [THIN] Drive mapping
Hi all
I'm not sure what the best approach to this problem is but I would like
to have a server side storage area for all my apps that is separate from
other apps storage areas
Essentially I would like to have a storage drive on the server that is
common for all users of the same application. I thought perhaps the best
way to do this would be to have each application's working directory
mapped for the users session.
Is this a problematic approach??
The other problem is how I do this, ie set a variable per session that
points to the working directory which is called via the userlgn.cmd. If
this is the best method how do I set the variable (syntax in the login
At the moment I have individual scripts for users but these are time
consuming and I'd like to avoid this if possible

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