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the program requires you have admin access to the remote computer as it
sends files of the C$ share (thus that share also has to be enabled),
then it installs the service via reg key and starts it.  when you
disconnect, it stops service, remove keys, and deletes files.
however, I've had it leave the c:\vnctemp folder with vnchooks.dll in it
(tested against win2003 machine).  And when I tried to re-connect to
that machine, it failed because the directory already existed and it
said it can't create a directory that already exists.


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        But if Remote Registry is not running on the remote PC you can't
get in. It modifies the registry. Temporarily.

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        No shit!  That is very cool, and yes scary, I think I just
freaked out some of my co workers, lol 

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        Alright this is an absolutely AWESOME (and a bit scary) utility
written in TightVNC. It allows you to remote control ANY PC on your
network that you have admin privileges to with NO client necessary and
it is my favorite price FREE under GPL:


        Jim Kenzig 
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