[THIN] Does an active session get canceled when the NT account is disabled?

  • From: "Beahm, Keith" <kbeahm@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "'thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx'" <thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 26 Mar 2003 08:57:23 -0600

We run multiple Win2K application modes terminal servers for our business
users, and we also have 1 application mode TS for IT administration.  The
policy enforced at the "regular" TS level is end disconnected sessions after
10min, never end active sessions, disconnect idle sessions after 30min
limit, and to always override user settings.  The IT admin box had none of
these settings in place.  Occasionally we see an abuse of these flexible
settings on the admin box - the user's will leave sessions open on their
home PC's for multiple days running (and they are not telecommuting).

The question is this : Lets say we were to leave the policy differences as
above, and employee Bob has a current session on the admin server running
from his home PC.  Then we disable his NT account (i.e. he is terminated),
what happens to his current active TS session?  Does it get forcibly cut off
at some time interval, or does it continue to run forever based on his
original authentication and login under a previously valid account?

And what if the policies were the same based on the "regular" TS boxes -
then would that make a difference, provided that he were "active" often
enough to prevent the idle time limit being reached.  Does anyone know of
legitimate (or not) utilities that can "fool" the TS idle detection into
believing the user session is always active?

Keith Beahm, Network Engineer
Stinson Morrison Hecker, LLP
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