[THIN] Re: Disk Queue Length Question

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Did you test with local profile user settings?

No, the customer rebuilt the VM and now all the before mentioned counters are 
staying below 1.  “Something” must have been FUBARed in the original VM.  No 
users are reporting errors or frozen sessions.  If all goes well this week they 
will probably get corp mgmt  approval to proceed with the rollout and move to 






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How many users are on this box?  How much memory/cpu did you give each of the 
VMs?  Are you also redirecting the Application Data folder as well? Or is it 
part of the roaming profile (cached locally)?


There are 20 users on this box.


Each VM has 4GB RAM and 1 vCPU.


AppData is NOT redirected (I listed to Shawn at Synergy!).  It is part of the 
Roaming Profile cached locally.


The customer is in the 2nd part of testing for a major rollout.  They had no 
issues with their initial 5 users.  When they went to 20 users all hell broke 
loose.  Their goal is to support 1,500 users – 1,200 concurrent.  Once they get 
the kinks worked out for these 20 users, they will move to XenServer 5 and 
their new Del R900 servers.






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Subject: [THIN] Disk Queue Length Question




Have a customer having an issue with frozen sessions on a TS2003/XA5 x86server. 
 The issue happens with both RDP and ICA.  And happens remotely or logged in to 
the console.


Issue: When using Adobe Acrobat 9.1 Pro to create PDFs from various form of 
documents, the sessions freeze for very long periods of time.  i.e. > 20 minutes


Info: TS/XA server is a VM under Hyper-V.  My Docs and Roaming Profiles are 
redirected to File Servers that are also VMs under Hyper-V. 

My Docs and Roaming Profiles are stored on an EMC SAN connected via 4GB FC.  
Both are configured for RAID5 as that is the only option available to them 
until they do a major upgrade on the SAN sometime this summer.


Problem: Avg Disk Queue Length is > 1,300

Avg Disk Read > 4,500

Avg Disk Write > 22,000


Question: Of course I know that taking, on avg, 22 SECONDS to write a block of 
data is going to cause MAJOR issues and is more than likely the cause for the 
session hangs/freezes.  But, on a FC SAN, are Avg Disk Queue Length and or 
Current Disk Queue Length valid counters to monitor for a Terminal 
Server/XenApp Server?

I am finding conflicting advice on whether the Disk Queue Length counters are 
valid for either SANs or Roaming Profiles and redirected My Docs stored on a 


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