[THIN] Re: Disabled Logins & Rebooting

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  • Date: Thu, 18 May 2006 09:11:24 -0500

Specify what OS and Citrix release you are using. They behave
differently in this area.


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        Subject: [THIN] Disabled Logins & Rebooting
        Here's the situation:
        I disable logins to one of my servers.  I did this via the CMC
and via the command-line, "change logon /disable", just to be sure.
        No users on the box.
        Start, Shutdown, Restart box
        In the CMC, Load Evaluators, I am seeing the users being
directed to various other boxes.  All of a sudden, 14 users are sent to
the box that was offline and in the process of rebooting.  The box
evidently is marked by Citrix to enabled mode prior to the reboot.
        This has been a REAL pet PIEVE of mine about when rebooting
servers, that they come backup enabled and ready to accept connections,
but I had not realized the impact it was having as they went down for a
        Why is it that a server would be enabled just as it is being
rebooted?  and to make matters worse, users are being directed to that
box while it is going down, where the logic?!?!? <RANT>
        So, am I missing something, or has everyone been suffering along
on this issue?

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