[THIN] Digiboard C/X PCI not answering the phone

  • From: Adam_Baum@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • To: thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 28 Oct 2002 07:24:25 -0700

Hardware:  Proliant DL580, quad pIII 700, 2.5GB RAM, Digiboard C/X PCI,
Dual E-CON16 concentrators (go with Digi), and US Robotics modem banks
Software:  W2K SP2, MF XPe FR2

Problem:  This weekend I tried to transition the modem bank from an NT4 TSE
MF1.8 server to my W2K server.   All appeared to go well.  I moved the digi
from one server to the other.  The W2K server plug-prayed the card.  All
modems were detected.  Creating each connection was a nightmare.  The
Connection Manager would "Memory Reference Error" every two connections.  I
created all the connections, set the permissions, etc.  Of course the thing
didn't work.  The modems would never reset.  The ECON16 has a status
display that should display AC when ready.  It does this after displaying
P1, P2, P3 , and P4.  It would never get past P1.  If I move the Digi back
to the old system, all works fine.

Any ideas?  I have downloaded the latest digi driver and I still get the
memory reference errors.  One thing to note is that I cannot go into the
Control Panel - Modems and run a query modem.   It fails.  This is strange
since it saw the modems to begin with.


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