[THIN] Re: Datastore DR design

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Well if you lose you DS, you can't make any changes to the farm - but it
shouldn't impact the punters if they just want to connect. 


You've got transactional replication yes. So why not simply point the DR
site citrix servers to the DR sites' replication point? If a change gets
made at the DR site it'll be replicated back..transactionally.


In the event of your main server going down - that's not a disaster, its
just restore the server; likewise for the replication point. If you lose the
main site - everything is already configured. 


Here's some guides you might find useful-


If you are going to change the DSN, you need to restart the IMA service. 





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Hi again

We currently use SQL for our XenApp 4.5 Datastore.  This DB is replicated to
our DR site

In a DR Scenario, my understanding is

1) Create new DSN file on all XenApp Servers (Eg MF20DR.DSN) which
references the SQL Server in DR site
2) Run DSMaint command so DR XenApp Servers use DR Datastore

dsmaint config /user:domain\Account /pwd:Password /dsn:"C:\Program
Files\Citrix\Independent Management Architecture\MF20DR.dsn"

3) Rollback would be the same dsmaint command referencing MF20.DSN

Is this correct?



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