[THIN] Re: DST Patch and Citrix

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The versions on KB articles is usually misleading.  It does not indicate
revisions to the hotfix itself alone, but the revision level increments
when the details on the hotfix itself change, just like Citrix patches.
The difference is, at least Citrix tells you what was changed at each
revision so you know if the installer was changed.  I haven't seen this
type of information from MS, but maybe I don't know where to look.


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What's in the patch is different to the registry edits.  My guess is the
patch brings all time zone information up to date rather than just a
few.  My guess is it's a back port from Vista or the like yet the
article remains a bit lacking.  I'm sure what Microsoft has supplied in
the article is enough to fix the US problem.  Just isn't the complete
job like the patches for all those updated zone.


By the way I heard  that they updated the 2003 patch today but I haven't
seen the updated download yet.  Also did anyone notice that
http://support.microsoft.com/kb/928388 is up to version 11.0




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See KB914387 "How to configure daylight saving time for the United
States in 2007" 

Microsoft basically gives you the correct registry entries and a script
to implement on Windows 2000.  This is everything you need short of a
official patch. 


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It's not difficult to package yourself, or you could get a pre-package



On 2/9/07, Minero, Hector B CIV NSWCDD, K55 <hector.minero@xxxxxxxx >
On the same topic, I checked the MS site and there is no DST patch for
Windows 2000, unless you have Extended hotfix support. 
What are you doing to patch Windows 2000?   
Hector Minero 
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This article mentions how to work around the PS 3.0 java 1.4.1_XX



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[THIN] DST Patch and Citrix



Hi All, 
I haven't had much time to investigate so I am hoping to check with
others.  I am using Presentation Server 3.0.  When you install Metaframe
it required 1.4.1_02.  The DST patch apparently is only supported with
JRE 1.4.1_11.  Citrix's website says that Citrix is fully compatible
with the patch, does that mean that Java does or doesn't need to be
upgraded?  If anybody has tested this out yet can you let me know. 

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