[THIN] Re: DL580 to New HP Blade DL20 (Mirror Sets)

  • From: Euan Cooper <Euan.Cooper@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "'thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx'" <thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 17 Aug 2005 12:48:22 +1200

I have not actually done this - but last week at a HP presentation focusing
on blades we were clearly told that there was a registry entry you could
make on a DL then pull the drives and place them in a blade (in the correct
order) and the drives will boot up fine.  
I contacted the guy who said this and this is his reply on how to do this 

"on a system (i.e. DL or BL with the SA5i - SmartArray 5i controller) in it
- run the attached file (rename for extension to .reg) and it will add the
current SmartArray 6i (SA6i) registry entries to the system.  Update to the
latest ProLiant Support Pack - and then you can move drives between DL's and
BL's of different generations. 

Going from a DL to a BL you will see one or two more NICs appear, etc.
Re-scan hardware updates from the OS should update this. 

Apart from that - we have done this a number of times quite successfully.  I
think as I mentioned at the roadshow, the BL's are an evolutionary step
after the DL's - so all is good."

The reg file he sent me contained the following

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


As I said at the beginning - I have not personally done this - but I have
know the guy from HP fro a few years and he does know his stuff.

On 16/08/05, Charles Watts <greg.watts@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> To Replicate or Build new Citrix servers we break mirror sets and then
> recreate them on a new server. This works perfectly for us. We are now
> moving off of these DL580's and will be using HP DL20 blade servers. The
> blades are using a 6I raid controller and the 580's are on a 5i. When I
> the OS on the blade I get a BSOD and the system simply reboots. I was told
> by HP that the 6i was was backward compatable. Has anyone been successful
> doing this? If so can you help me out? Thanks in Advance!
> Greg Watts
Systems Engineer
GTSI Corp.
3901 Stonecroft Blvd.
Chantilly, VA
> 20151
Office: (202) 231-8055
Mobile: (410) 274-3076
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