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There is a knowledge base articale on this....Give this a go.  Have seen it
General Clipboard Contention Issues

The open clipboard call failed due to contention with Wfshell, a Citrix
utility that enables cut and paste operations amongst the client and server.
This problem was reproduced using Microsoft Excel 97 but was also present
with other applications.

It is now possible to configure the server in such a way that if an open
clipboard call fails, the system retries to open the clipboard a specified
number of times or until the open is successful. It is also possible to
configure a delay in milliseconds between each clipboard open retry. The
following procedure describes how to enable this feature for a given

1. Create the following registry key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\Current Version\Terminal
Server\Compatibility\Applications\{app name}

where {app name} is the name of the application without the extension.

2. Add the following registry values to the above registry key:

OpenClipboardRetries: REG_DWORD: 0x20
OpenClipboardDelayInMilliSecs: REG_DWORD: 0x50
Flags: REG_DWORD: {num}

where {num} is the application type. Possible values are:

DOS application 0x1
OS/2 application 0x2
Windows 16-bit application 0x4
Windows 32-bit application 0x8
Win16 and Win32 applications 0xC
Any version 0xF

When testing Excel 97, the above settings worked well for Excel (32 retries
with a 256 millisecond delay between each). If applications on the ICA
Client device and the MetaFrame server are actively accessing the clipboard
simultaneously, it may be necessary to increase the settings for
"OpenClipboardRetries" and "OpenClipboardDelayInMilliSecs."

3. Restart the application for the new settings to take effect

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Which version of Metaframe and ICA client are you using?  


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Thanks Joe for your replay.


I have only two users which have a problem with Clipboard. All other are ok.

Anyway, from server point of view the virtual channel for Clipboard is
enabled in ICA-TCP properties and there is no active policy which could
disable Clipboard.


The only way on ICA Client, which I know, to disable clipboard mapping is to
remove Clipboard from line VirtualDriver = ... in the Module.ini file.

I have checked it in case a user removed this setting (?), but Clipboard is
still allowed in Module.ini file.


Any other idea how to fix the problem with clipboard?



Running RepairCBDChain32 which moves the ICA client to the beginning of the
clipboard chain doesn't help as well.


Thanks, Zygmunt Cwalinski, System Analyst Network Services

905-281-5583, Cell 416-648-7019 


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Make sure the Clipboard Virtual Channel has not been disabled.  Both on the
server and via Citrix Policy.


On 9/7/06, Cwalinski, Zygmunt <  <mailto:zcwalinski@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
zcwalinski@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Some users are having trouble cutting and pasting text from Notepad on their
desktop into published applications. 

Is this related to C itrix setting? 

If yes please let me know what I should check.


Zygmunt Cwalinski, System Analyst Network Services


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