[THIN] Re: Connection problem

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  • Date: Tue, 8 Apr 2008 13:45:01 -0500

Delete the ICA listener and recreate it? I had to do that on a couple
servers recently.

On Tue, Apr 8, 2008 at 12:05 PM, Beckett, William (Bill) <
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>  Thanks. When in doubt, try the basics. What threw me was that our 3rd
> server was working fine. Somehow a different trend policy was applied to it
> as opposed to the other 2
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>   Bill,
> This reminds me of a problem where the ICA port was "accidentally" changed
> from 1494 to 443 (so they could get through a firewall).  Also, a firewall
> blocking TCP 1494 causes this error (unless you're using CSG or another
> gateway).
> Do you get the ICA sounder when you telnet to the server on port 1494?
> Jeff
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>  Ok list, since I seem to have Citrix support stumped at the moment, I'm
> throwing this out here. I think most of you know more about it anyway.
> We've got a farm of ten. Datastore in corporate, I'm in a remote location
> with 3 citrix servers on site. PS 4.0 on W2K3.
> We had beaucoup problem with the IMA service taking forever to start. An
> issue within itself but right now it is started. However, no clients can
> connect to two of the servers, either published applications OR desktop.
> Client versions of all levels have been tried with no success. All current
> rollups are applied. One server works so we are limping by on it and I dare
> not reboot it. Very odd part of this...on the two servers that are giving
> the following message - "Cannot connect to the presentation server. There is
> no Citrix presentation server configured on the specfied address", no
> clients can connect to them BUT they can connect to each other.
> I've looked through the citrix site for the error above but nothing has
> worked so far. I'm about to return another call to Citrix after trying
> additional suggestions of theirs which haven't worked. Any thoughts or ideas
> would be appreciated.
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