[THIN] Re: Cloning with Remapped Drives

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  • Date: Wed, 9 Nov 2005 09:39:42 -0500

We have successfully cloned a MPS30 on Windows 2000 server with a
remapped drive using Ghost 8.  We also use sysprep.

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               Hello, we are running 8 MF XP FR3 servers with sp4.  The
Operating System is Windows 2003 server sp1.  These are HP blade servers
that currently boot from our SAN.  We are trying to develop an effective
cloning strategy but have run into the issue from having remapped drive
letters (U: and V:).  I know that this has been discussed on this list
in the past and I thought there was some type of solution that works
now, but I cannot remember for sure what is was.   What are people doing
to get around this issue?  We have licensing for HP's RDP (rapid
deployment pack), but if you know of other solutions that work, please
let me know as well. 

               Thanks in advance for your replies!

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