[THIN] Re: Client Path Reading on Citrix

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  • Date: Thu, 9 Jan 2014 15:14:30 +0000

You could enable Content Redirection. It would launch the browser on the client 
instead of the server.

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We are using a custom Java Applet Web Application in our organization. The App 
is Hardcoded to read a particular text file in in client directory "C:/abc/". 
If this App is to be lunch using web browser on the client machine by pointing 
the url to the App, everything would work fine but if the App is publish on 
Citrix and lunch, the App would not be able to Read the client's "C:/abc/" 
because its looking at server path instead of client. Have also look at Folder 
Redirection and client drive mapping but I don't think they can solve the 
problem. Pls what can I do?
Bellow are my Config/envir.

Server: win2003sp3
Client: win7
Citrix: xenapp5.0

Note: the app soppose to automatically pickup the text file from the client dir.

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