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Lakeside is pretty good, as is Logcaster which is what we use here.  A lot
of it depends on how much canned reporting you want to come with the


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> Check this website out  <http://www.lakesidesoftware.com/> .  From what I
> understand, this company had a product called SysTrack 1.0 which came
> bundled with Metaframe XPe (they called it RMS).  Now they are on the
> market themselves and recently released SysTrack 3.1.  It's supposed to be
> more robust with a lot of added features...  I don't use it but I would
> like to hear from anyone who does. 
> Derek 
> Robert Coffman - Info From Data Corporation wrote: 
>       Is it me, or is RMS just about worthless?I've scripted the capture
> of process information which I dump into Access and then use Access
> queries to generate reports.  Its ugly but RMS just wasn't cutting it.-
> Bob Coffman 
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>               IMHO, RMS leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to
> reporting.  I would like to generate a process summary report that covers
> a specific time period (1AM-12 Noon) for multiple days.  Currently RMS
> will only allow this time period break down for a single day, meaning I
> cannot ask for multiple days during this period only.  I must include the
> time outside this period.  And if I choose the single day, for this
> period, I have to run the Process summary report for each day and manually
> combine/manipulate the data.  Like we all have time to do this? :-)
>               My question to the group is this:  is anyone out there using
> customized Crystal reporting templates that perform this function? Is
> there some other reporting package that anyone uses that may be able to
> provide this functionality?  I fear I may need to contract out for someone
> who knows the RMS database structure AND is a wiz at Crystal Reporting.
> Any information would be helpful. 
>               Thanks, 
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