[THIN] Re: Citrix in ESX 3.5

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It's pretty much the same as installing it on a physical box.    As for 
licensing, it depends on what you purchase, per device or per user.  If 
per user, you will need 400.  If per device, you need just enough to cover 
the number of pc's/thin client/etc that will connect to it.


ananth padmanabham <isap004@xxxxxxxxx> 
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06/23/2008 09:22 PM
Please respond to


[THIN] Citrix in ESX 3.5

Hi All,
Please guide me how to install Citrix Ps4.0 in ESX 3.5?
Are there any guides, whitepapers, available ?

And how many TS Licenses are required for 400 citrix users who log in to 
citrix servers and work? 

Anantha Padmanabham K 

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