[THIN] Re: Citrix and VMWare

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  • Date: Mon, 22 Feb 2010 10:57:35 -0500

We've set up all VMs with 2 CPUs and 4GB RAM.  We are not overcommitting
our CPU cores.
However, we still get 100% CPU for extended periods of time.
Internet Explorer 8 seems to be using most of that CPU.  MacAfee AV also
seems to be going up and down on CPU usage.
Any clues?

Hector Minero 



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PAE actually makes term server run poorly with most application sets. I
would definitely recommend disabling it.
 Best 32 bit/W2K3R2 setup I have found is 2vCPU/4GB RAM for each VM.
Make sure you don't overuse cores. there shouldn't be anymore vCPU's
than cores on your physical server. Memory shouldn't be overcommitted
either (I reserve 2GB RAM for XenServer).  On a 24GB Dual Quad (not
Nehalem) blade I comfortably get (4) Citrix server VM's with the config

On Mon, Feb 22, 2010 at 8:42 AM, Foster, Bill <Bill.Foster@xxxxxxxxxxxx>


        We are running PS 4.0 on XenServer 5.5 update2 using
Provisioning server as the deployment method(caching on local disk).


        2 vCPU's

        8 gb ram with PAE turned on.


        Getting a 3-1 consolidation of this config. Our apps are memory
starved and not CPU.



        Bill Foster

        Sr Systems Engineer, IT

        Wellcare Health Plans, Inc.

        8735 Henderson Road

        Tampa, FL 33634

        Ren1, First Floor


        Bill.Foster@xxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:Bill.Foster@xxxxxxxxxxxx> 


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        Hi all, does anyone have any guidelines for Citrix VM servers on
ESX 4.0? 
        I currently have 5 Windows 2003 R2 PS 4.5 servers on ESX 4.0.
They are assigned 1 virtual CPU and 2GB of Memory. 
        They're all spiking up to 100%CPU for extended periods of time
with about 15 users each.  Should I have 2 CPUs or 4?  
        Any other advice would help. 


        Hector Minero 

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