[THIN] Re: Citrix Profile Management 4.0

  • From: Greg Reese <gareese@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx" <thin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2012 18:05:01 -0600

X86 and x64 are different spots in the registry anyway so it can coexist
just fine. It all looks the same to the user in the end.

On Jan 25, 2012, at 5:49 PM, Harry Singh <hboogz@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

That's curious. The implication from your response would suggest that
deploying XA with XD is not recommended. It's curious since I've been told
the exact opposite.

Installing all our applications onto the XD image is counter-intuitive and
inefficient. And buying Appsense is simply not going to happen.

Thanks for your replies.

On Wednesday, January 25, 2012, Joe Shonk <joe.shonk@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Why would users be access the same application from two different
platforms?  Pick one, otherwise look into using appsense.
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> On Jan 25, 2012, at 3:32 PM, Harry Singh <hboogz@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Thanks Joe. That can certainly happen, but what happens when a user logs
into XD then accesses applications which reside on XA?  UserA logs into x86
Windows 7 desktop, opens up MS Word sitting on x64 XA server, I believe two
profiles are being created and used simultaneously.
> So, if two profiles will be used, how would you properly setup system
variables to accommodate this?
> On Wed, Jan 25, 2012 at 5:27 PM, Joe Shonk <joe.shonk@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Xd and xa ad object should be in separate OUs.  Just set up two GPOs.
One for each OU.  Each GPO points to a different file location.
>> Joe
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>> On Jan 25, 2012, at 3:11 PM, Harry Singh <hboogz@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> I'm having a tough time understanding how to implement UPM 4.0 correctly
and hoping could help solve this puzzle.
>> I currently am piloting a XD 5.5 with XA 6.5 deployment. Windows 7
Professional (x86) desktops with apps hosted on XA 6.5. Now, there will be
users connecting to desktops on XD and users connecting solely to Apps on
XA 6.5. I'm not migrating any existing roaming profiles and my confusion
lies in the following:
>> 1XD 5.5 server with 2 XA 6.5 servers.
>> I have my profile store set to \\fileserver\ctxprofiles
>> Do i need to even worry about setting up a system environment variable
on the Desktop image and XA servers, such as %profver% If i do, as i
suspect because of the different bitness between the XD desktop (win 7 x86)
and servers (XD + XA being x64) what do i need to enter in for profile
store path ? More importantly, and the area of the most confusion, is what
do i enter inside the Variable Value, should i have to account for
different bitness, to make sure each is properly populated in the "v1 aka
x86" and "v2 aka x64" folders?
>> I may be over complicating this a bit, but real curious to know how to
properly setup PM for a Xendesktop environment with XA.
>> Thanks,
>> Harry.

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