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  I was going to suggest this as well. Back in the early 90's we used to
multiplex multiple PC Anwhere users over a single 28.8 modem, but I can't
remember the brand of modem/multiplexor we used. I hadn't seen it, but I
figured that you could do the opposite and combine multiple phone lines.
  As for the latency on satellite, I've done it for a customer. The latency
was really high (300-400ms, as I recall, but that could be wrong). It was
pretty bad, but it did work.
Jeff Durbin

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There used to be "inverse multiplexors" that would allow you to combine 2
56k lines.  You need one at the customer and another at the FR provider POP.
These were developed in the mid 90's for the video conferencing market - but
were used for FR access as well.  You might ask your current provider (who
will not know but make them do the research).

Most of the companies in that business have been bought or gone under.
Names I remember:

  Ascend (bought by Lucent)

  Sync Research (still in business, kind-of)

  Digital Research (I think now known as "Quick Eagle"?)

  Kentrox (bought by ADC)

  Cray Communications (not the supercomputer folks)

  Telco Systems  (merged with somebody)

I'm sure that there were more.  The protocol standard for imuxing was called
"Bonding" - in case that helps your search.  [I was involved in that
business for Sync long ago.]




Tim Mangan

Founder, TMurgent Technologies


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I have a customer site a rural town in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where
I have real dilemma.


The not-so-pretty facts:

1) No DSL or Cable provider

2) No local dialup or ISDN internet service


There are 3.5 (1 is part-time) users at this site who use a Citrix published
desktop (they run primarily MS Office and a custom client/server app).  I
ended up going with a 56K frame relay circuit.  This is proving to be very
slow and expensive (now appx $700 USD/month).


I have heard that 2 way satellite latency is just too high for Citrix
applications. Is that still the case?  Any technology or options that I
haven't considered worth looking at?


Thanks in advance for assistance.


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